Metrasens, a provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies, was honored today as a winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2018 in the category of Innovation. The company earned the distinction for its work in advanced screening capabilities designed to enhance safety and security around the world. This is the second consecutive year Metrasens has received the Queen’s Award. In 2017, the organization was recognized in the category of International Trade.

Metrasens has installed its ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) widely around the world. Its approach combines advanced magnetic detection technology with product design that is customized for the specific needs of various customer groups and applications.

Metrasens’ solutions are used in hospitals to ensure patient safety in MRI suites; are deployed in prisons to detect dangerous contraband and smuggled cellphones; and are increasingly implemented in secure government and commercial facilities to provide physical data security. The company’s most recent innovation is a screening system that can be used at a variety of venues — such as sports arenas, large scale events like concerts and at corporate campuses — to detect threats involving weapons of mass casualty, without disrupting the flow of people.

“Our unique technology provides capabilities traditional security systems cannot, and is making a tangible difference in more than 40 countries worldwide,” stated Metrasens CEO, Dr. Simon Goodyear “We are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to deploy our core technology, with an intrinsic focus on making people safer through cutting-edge screening methods. To be recognized with the Queen’s Award in the category of Innovation is a testament to the unprecedented advancements achieved by our team of physicists and engineers. It is also a perfect complement to the recognition we received from the Queen’s Awards last year in the International Trade category for our successful business growth.”

The Queen’s Awards have been recognized as the UK’s most prestigious business accolades since they were established more than 50 years ago.