From seed to sale, covering every segment of the industry — whether as a producer, laboratory, retail or dispensary — is a critical business requirement in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Because of the desirable nature of the product, the easy street resale value, and the fact that many marijuana retailers carry a lot of cash on hand, the need for professional and reliable surveillance is essential in the legal cannabis industry.

Grow monitoring and loss prevention are two of the biggest challenges for the cannabis industry. Growers need to monitor their crops, ensure that harvesting is done properly and that there is no inappropriate conduct within the facilities. Retail locations need to prevent loss from employee theft or by visitors within locations. Not surprisingly, some security companies have begun to specialize in this unique area. One such company is Portland, Ore.-based CannaGuard Security, which specializes in designing and installing custom security systems specifically for the cannabis industry.

One technology it relies on is cloud video surveillance. This technology enables their cannabis business clients to monitor their facilities, employees, and customer service levels from a remote location — with all video surveillance footage stored off-site.

CannaGuard services the legal cannabis industry by providing overly compliant security systems for the licensed growers and retailers in the medical and recreational/adult use markets. CannaGuard knows that cannabis businesses have unique security requirements, which are the most important pieces in the legal marijuana industry puzzle. So when CannaGuard was seeking an on-demand, cloud-based video surveillance partner, they turned to the cloud video provider Camcloud.

Cloud video surveillance enables businesses to monitor multiple physical locations across their supply chain. With no on-site hardware required and off-site storage for up to 90 days, customers can monitor dispensaries, grow locations and retail sites from one centralized view.

With well over 400 client locations, CannaGuard required a robust security solution supported with mobile access to make it easier for clients to monitor activities and employees at the businesses. CannaGuard’s previous cloud solution encountered outages and issues during a system upgrade, which led to the search for a new provider. In addition, no requirement for onsite hardware and the ability to use existing VIVOTEK cameras was appealing to CannaGuard.

“As we see the expansion of the cannabis industry into the nationwide landscape, the need for storing data in the cloud becomes more and more prevalent,” said Nate Montierth, CTO, CannaGuard Security. “After conducting extensive research and development on several other leading products in the marketplace, none matched Camcloud’s ease of installation, flexibility, reliability and cost.”

Through the use of Camcloud, CannaGuard clients now are able to choose multiple camera types to optimize their surveillance system for monitoring building exteriors, loading docks, safes and sales floors.

“In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, compliance is and will continue to be of the utmost importance,” Montierth added. “Our business is compliance, and making sure that our licensees get compliant and stay there with the use of advanced technology, research and unparalleled support.”

With its cloud video surveillance solution from Camcloud, CannaGuard can better protect its clients’ assets and properties.