ASSA ABLOY has announced the company’s latest Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is for the Pemko Silicone Adhesive Smoke and Fire Gasket product line, which includes the Pemko S44, S77, S88, S442, S771, S771x6, S772, S773, and S776.

ASSA ABLOY’s continued focus on EPDs supports its commitment to sustainability. EPDs include a life cycle assessment (LCA) for a product or product line and quantifies a product’s environmental impact. With over 100 EPDs, as well as over 20 Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Declare Labels, ASSA ABLOY and its brands provide products and services that are environmentally conscious throughout the entire production process and product lifecycle, the company reported.

The Pemko Adhesive Smoke and Fire Gasket product line is made of high quality silicone gaskets with an adhesive backing and are designed to seal a gap between a door and frame, or between the meeting edges of a pair of doors. Use of these gaskets prohibits smoke, fire, sound, dirt, and other debris from passing through the gaps around the edges of a door.

“We look to design Pemko products with environmentally sustainable processes and components,” said Mandy Swofford, product manager for Pemko Thresholds and Weatherstrip, ASSA ABLOY. “Releasing the EPD for the Adhesive Smoke and Fire Gasket product line is not only important to us but also to many of our customers. This document provides clarity on how these products will affect the environment in its intended application and serve as a resource for customers looking to integrate sustainable products.”

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