3xLOGIC, Inc., in cooperation with Bates Security, Sonitrol of Lexington, and Sonitrol corporate, have completed a video surveillance and audio detection security upgrade project for “The Nest,” known formally as the Center for Women, Children, and Families.

The Nest, located in a Lexington, Ky public park, does a little bit of everything, according to Danny Goodpaster, sales consultant for Bates Security/Sonitrol of Lexington. It provides needy families with free essential items, offers counseling for domestic violence issues, and has daycare services onsite. The Nest is located in a somewhat “rough” part of town, so a robust security system is crucial.

The center had been equipped with a four-camera analog system complete with alarm capabilities, so staff were very aware of the importance of verified alarms in providing a higher degree of safety and security. Goodpaster met with the customer and determined that, at a minimum, eight cameras were needed to provide enhanced visibility of the center’s surroundings and greater protection. Also, expanded coverage of The Nest’s parking lot and the approach to the entrance were critical.

“The Nest just didn’t have the budget for the upgraded system they needed, and we could have installed a much less expensive, non-verified alarm system to save costs,” Goodpaster explained. “But they have been our customer since 1989, and their verified alarm capability plus panic buttons has led to successful police apprehensions at the site on several occasions. Staff understood the importance of Sonitrol brand equipment and our positive relationship with law enforcement. So, in cooperation with our corporate office, we decided to ensure they had the system they truly needed to be able to function more safely and securely.”

Bates/Sonitrol of Lexington installed a total of eight 3xLOGIC Sonitrol-branded cameras, equipped with full video verification capabilities, and an NVR onsite. There are different camera models to fit the varying surveillance needs, including wide-dynamic range 3MP HD cameras and a 180-deg. camera to cover a wider outdoor area. Most of the cameras are located outside, covering the parking lot and a playground. Two interior cameras cover both of The Nest’s entrances, the office, and the entrance to the daycare facility. The entire upgrade project was completed in April of this year.

“One of our biggest concerns is for our children and staff during operating hours, and us not knowing what is going on in the approach to our building — we need that visibility,” said Jeffrey White, The Nest director. “The center has had a number of incidents over the recent past, including a break-in, as well as one of the old analog cameras actually being shot out,” he added.

“The old system was just not doing the job for them,” Goodpaster said.  “It was in disrepair, the image quality was poor, and the wiring had deteriorated. We replaced the old DVR with a new NVR that has Smart Search capability, and the entire system is now IP. I was really impressed with the commitment by our corporate office to make sure this important non-profit, doing essential work, has a system that provides them with peace-of-mind and genuine security. Once we were fully installed, we provided a staff training day that included an orientation for law enforcement as well.”