Cobalt Robotics latest SR-35 leak and spill detection sensing robots

Cobalt Robotics, GSX Booth 353

Cobalt Robotics, a manufacturer of security robots used to autonomously patrol indoor facilities, will unveil its new leak and spill detection sensing capabilities at GSX. At last year’s event, previously called the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Cobalt Robotics was the recipient of the 2017 Judges Choice Award, which recognizes the most innovative product of the year.

With its new leak and spill detection sensing technology, Cobalt robots can be programmed to detect a leak or spill within a predefined area. Once detected, the security robot can then send the appropriate notification to a robot Specialist. Cobalt robots are equipped with powerful sensors, including day-night cameras, thermal sensors, motion sensors and badge readers, which helps it to detect anomalies and other risks that might not be detected by the human eye.


ISS, GSX Booth 2151

ISS - Intelligent Security Systems, a provider of intelligent VMS and analytics globally, is demonstrating its newly released SecurOS v.10 video management system supported by the company’s suite of native intelligent analytics, along with SecurOS Smart NVR, an all-in-one video management appliance.

The newly released SecurOS v.10 video management system features an updated Client and Administrator GUI with new Operator Workstation Profiles to manage large numbers of clients on a unified platform along with new object groups/categories for more intuitive, customized system configuration.

SecurOS v.10 is also available pre-bundled with ISS’ native analytics for specialized VMS applications, including: SecurOS Auto with license plate recognition (ANPR) and comparative vehicle analysis; SecurOS Face for facial recognition; SecurOS Cargo for cargo container recognition; and SecurOS Tracking Kit which includes a suite of situational awareness detectors such as loitering, crowd detection, object left behind, object counting, etc. Additional specialized integrated hardware and software solutions include: SecurOS UVSS for remote under-vehicle surveillance; SecurOS Velox, to detect speeding violations with ANPR; SecurOS Motus with ALPR for law enforcement applications; SecurOS Cargo Terminal for remote visual inspection of cargo containers and control of vehicles which carry them; and SecurOS Crossroad for real-time detection of complex types of traffic violations.


Altronix, GSX Booth 1950

Altronix, provider of power and transmission solutions for the professional security industry, is showcasing its new eBridge1600F 16-port EoC receiver with integral PoE switch. The new eBridge1600F power and transmission solution further bridges the infrastructure gap by integrating coax, Ethernet and fiber along with PoE eliminating the cost and labor associated with installing new network cabling.

Altronix eBridge1600F is an all-in-one, head-end solution for upgrading coax to IP that combines a PoE+ switch and EoC Receiver into a single integrated unit. It features 16 Ethernet ports rated at 100Mbps (full duplex up to 300m without repeaters) with 30W full power per port (500W total power), one 1Gb SFP (fiber port), and two 1Gb Ethernet uplinks. Additional features include a built-in battery charger, and embedded LINQ Technology to monitor, control and report power/diagnostics from anywhere over the network connection.


Panasonic, GSX Booth 2737

Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America will showcase new additions to its diversified technology portfolio of end-to-end security and evidence management solutions at GSX.

New products include the new I-PRO EXTREME multi-sensor cameras. These cameras deliver high-resolution image quality – 4 x 4K (33 MP), 3840 x 2160, 15 FPS – for evidence capturing under challenging conditions, useful for safe city and traffic applications.

The new I-PRO EXTREME 5 MP fixed camera line offers sharp and clear images of fast moving vehicles, sharp images of a person walking in daylight or at night, low light performance with iA (intelligent Auto), and Super Dynamic 120dB for backlit situations including headlights or shadows on streets. New self-learning ROI (Region of Interest) detects movement within an image and compresses areas with little motion to reduce transmitted data while maintaining the quality of the image.

The new-to-market FacePRO facial recognition software features a “deep learning” core engine that can identify faces that are difficult to recognize with conventional technologies, including faces at an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, as well as those partially hidden by sunglasses.

The next gen Video Insight VI 7.3 video management software brings enhanced scalability, improved client performance, NVR integration, 360 dewarps support for Mac as well as enhanced analytics support including line crossing, direction detection and loitering direction, according to the company.

The new Unified Digital Evidence (UDE) software offers a unique platform to gather and store digital evidence from the Arbitrator in-car and body-worn camera platforms, as well as other sources, including fixed surveillance and a variety of digital media devices.



CSR-35 Conekt Bluetooth Reader


DMP, GSX Booth 2053

Instead of keeping track of a key fob or card, some people may prefer using their smartphones to get into their businesses or secure work areas. Farpointe Data’s CSR-35 Conekt Bluetooth Reader and CMC-2 Smartphone Mobile Access Credentials are the newest members of DMP’s expanded line of high-security access control products. Together, they allow iPhone or Android smartphones to function as a contactless electronic access control credential.

The new readers can be installed on a metal door, window frame or flat surface at any entry point, and are also compatible with DMP’s DE2 smartcard credential.

In addition, the company is showcasing multiple enhancements to its UL-listed XR Series access/burglary/fire control panels. With its recent XR Series Version 182 update, customers using the XR Series control panel have increased speed, reliability and greater distance in controlling Z-Wave Plus devices using their Virtual Keypad app. Customers also have the ability to store a back-up copy of all Z-Wave programming.

DMP’s XT Series also comes with more enhancements. For instance, monitoring centers now have the option to program Receiver 2 exclusively as a backup receiver. If programmed this way, Receiver 2 will start receiving messages when Receiver 1 fails. The panel will confirm that it had to fail over as Receiver 2 continues receiving messages until Receiver 1 returns to its normal state. This option is now standard. Furthermore, all XT Series panels now have the added security feature known as Entry Check-In Protection. It’s a proactive safeguard against a burglar’s fast tactic to disable the security system before it can send an emergency signal.

Specifically, if an entry zone is triggered, and the system is not disarmed in the designated delay time frame, a trouble signal will be generated at the monitoring center.