Hikvision, Pavillion 9


HikCentral (Hikvision's Central Management System (CMS)) will be the centerpiece of the Hikvision showroom. A video wall display will provide a live demo including remote monitoring outside of the conference center, showing how HikCentral provides an integrated solution for all Hikvision and partner products. New products in several categories will be on display including: Value Express Series entry level IP and Turbo cameras, access control with UL294 certification, residential two-wire Intercom and multiple PanoVu cameras.

Vanderbilt, GSX Booth 2865


Vanderbilt has added more functionality to its Vanderbilt Security Management System (SMS) software through a new integration with Allegion. The integration expands the reach of Vanderbilt's SMS to secondary doors through Allegion's Von Duprin remote undogging (RU) and remote monitoring (RM) options in a variety of markets, including enterprise, K-12 and university facilities. The Allegion Von Duprin RU option provides an electronic override of mechanical dogging for emergency facility lockdown and includes sensors for monitoring. The RM option is a sensor-only configuration for exit-only or fire-rated doors that require monitoring and increased visibility. Coupled with Vanderbilt SMS, users can now remotely monitor and lock down secondary perimeter doors with the touch of a button in the event of an emergency.



Boon Edam's Circlelock security portal

Boon Edam, GSX Booth 1715


Boon Edam is showcasing the company’s new Interactive Troubleshooting Guides for Security Entrances, a range of new partner technology integrations and the growing adoption of anti-tailgating and anti-piggybacking entrances by Fortune 50 Global companies.

Created to help accelerate the diagnosis and problem-solving process for service technicians in the Americas, the troubleshooting guides are available to any registered technician with internet access and will assist in performing service on three of Boon Edam’s most popular security products: the Circlelock mantrap portal, the Tourlock security revolving door and the Speedlane Lifeline optical turnstile series. Several of Boon Edam’s highest level security entrances will be featured in the booth, including the Tourlock 180+90, the Circlelock security portal, and the Circlelock Combi. technology from StoneLock Pro.

Booth visitors can also learn about BoonConnect, an IP-addressable, proprietary software system providing diagnostic and configuration tools for the Tourlock security revolving door and Circlelock mantrap portal.

StoneLock, GSX Booth 1137


StoneLock, a provider of enterprise-level facial recognition identity management solutions, introduced the StoneLock GO edge reader, the latest innovation in StoneLock facial recognition for enterprise physical access, and the next generation of the StoneLock True Frictionless Solution. The StoneLock GO combined with the StoneLock Gateway brings a complete biometric-centric credentialing and access control solution to StoneLock customers, providing scalability, versatility, extended capture range, and speed for up to 20,000 face-only users. StoneLock GO authenticates in light ranging from bright sunlight to pitch dark. New multi-face capture capability detects and alarms “tailgating” scenarios where unauthorized persons may attempt to enter with an authorized user. StoneLock’s distributed, decentralized architecture avoids the heavy infrastructure investment of a centralized server-based solution, according to the company, providing the customer with enterprise-level identity verification that is efficient, accessible, privacy compliant, and easy to scale as required.



Ditek's DTK-DF120S1 Deflector Series surge protector

Ditek, GSX Booth 3857


Ditek, provider of surge protection solutions, announced its new Deflector Series surge protective devices. With its audible alarm, flashing LED indicator and remote notification capability, the Deflector lets the user know in three ways when it requires attention. Rapid-replacement modules make it possible to have the unit up and running again in a few seconds. The Deflector is conveniently wall-mountable, with no additional enclosure required, allowing it to be placed in close proximity to core systems or devices that warrant the highest levels of protection.

The first product in the new series, the DTK-DF120S1 Deflector Series surge protector is a 120-volt dedicated circuit protection device designed to minimize damage from AC supply voltage spikes by isolating incoming surges that originate from lightning strikes and other sources. The device is simple for a licensed electrician to hardwire into a circuit, with no enclosure or rack required. When the Deflector does its job by absorbing a power surge and stops functioning, the unit sounds a loud audible alarm and an LED flashes, indicating that the module needs to be replaced. Intelligent notification is also available via dry contacts which can be connected to alarm panels to alert central station monitoring that the module needs replacing.