Brian Wiest, owner of residential products retailer Presidio Doors, in Austin, Texas, thought he was protected with the two DIY security cameras he installed to monitor the 10,000-square foot warehouse and storefront. He certainly didn’t expect to lose most of his inventory in a massive break-in. But that’s exactly what happened.

Following a shocking burglary that took the business months to recover from, he realized that cameras aren’t enough to thwart a large-scale theft operation. That’s when he called on local security professionals True Home Protection to install a fully-monitored 2GIG security system — one that would give him true peace of mind and help ensure that an incident like this would never happen again.

“Wiest had footage of five thieves breaking in, ripping one of two cameras from the wall, and then spending three hours in the dark clearing him out,” explained True Home Protection Regional Manager John Jarvis. “The only information they had about the event was the timeframe that it took place in. With 2GIG — a comprehensive system that sends notifications to authorities immediately once a break-in is detected — this wouldn’t have happened.”

To protect the business going forward, True Home Protection installed a 2GIG GC2 security panel equipped with software for seamless remote management and custom notification configuration. They also added dozens of 2GIG window sensors, garage door tilt sensors, glass break detectors, and motion detectors to provide thorough protection of the perimeter, and send instant notifications both to Wiest and the local law enforcement in the event of a break-in.

True Home Protection also installed four turret-style surveillance cameras with night vision technology, locating them strategically throughout the space, and configuring them to work with the 2GIG system and the back-end.

Wiest is thrilled with his new security system, and is now offered the peace-of-mind that any attempted future break-in will be immediately thwarted. “Cameras, especially those that are DIY, are a secondary level of protection that work in tandem with a security system, but not as a standalone means of protection,” Jarvis concluded. “With 2GIG and integrated cameras, Presidio Doors is now truly protected.”