Vorpal Ltd., developer of advanced, highly accurate geolocation solutions, has released a white paper in response to the growing global crisis facing airport operations and aviation security from commercial drones flying within controlled airspace. In order to guide effective and timely response efforts to such incursions, this document presents thoughtful analysis of the best technological solutions available for delivering complete drone situational awareness. Vorpal’s proven expertise in this area has resulted in operational deployment of its drone situational awareness solution, VigilAir, by discerning customers globally, and is aimed at the aviation, military, homeland security, critical infrastructures, corrections and UAS traffic management (UTM) markets.

This free whitepaper examines the challenges related to drone detection, geolocation and tracking, for which radar and optical systems have proven insufficient. Instead, it identifies the requisite for a technology capable of identifying and analyzing drone-related RF transmissions and waveforms in order to generate a holistic drone aerial situational awareness picture. This includes real-time knowledge of both drone and drone operator location over extremely wide areas of coverage. It also discusses why widespread accessibility of this information to airport security — via mobile devices and web-enabled computers and workstations — is critical to ensuring immediate threat analysis and response initiation. All this must be delivered with near-zero false alarms and with high clarity and precision, without interfering with airport and aviation systems and while complying with relevant regulations.

Dr. Nir Raz, Vorpal’s CEO, explained, “Drones are increasingly putting aircraft and passengers at risk, and airport security teams, worldwide, are scrambling to catch up with this security paradigm shift. We hope our whitepaper helps security professionals to clarify the many issues they should be considering when evaluating technology solutions, and demonstrates how Vorpal is uniquely positioned to provide valuable assistance.”

Download Vorpal’s whitepaper on “Wide Coverage Drone Situational Awareness Picture for Airports and Aviation” at https://www.vorpal-corp.com/airport-wp .