Electric Guard Dog LLC, a theft deterrent service, announced that Commissioner Bill Bratton will join its board of directors. 

Bratton is currently senior managing director of Teneo Holdings, a global CEO advisory firm, and executive chairman of its Teneo risk advisory division. Bratton also serves as the vice chairman for the secretary of homeland security’s advisory council. He has over 40 years of experience in law enforcement, including as chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and commissioner of New York City and Boston police departments. He was named one the “Most Influential People in the Security Industry” by Security Magazine. 

Bratton was first attracted to Electric Guard Dog flagship’s multi-layered electric security fence service due to its theft deterrence value. “I was really taken with Electric Guard Dog,” said Bratton. “The service stops crime for businesses that store valuable assets and equipment outside, such as trucking, logistics, equipment rental, landscaping, auto salvage, auto recycling, distribution, RV and Boat Dealers and many more. In my over 40-year career, these were the businesses that got robbed, robbed again the next week and again two weeks later. Law enforcement simply doesn’t have the volume of resources necessary to police every industrial facility in a city to that degree. Businesses need security of their own, and this service works.”

Bratton continued, “Electric Guard Dog’s statistics are astounding by law enforcement measures: 97 percent of its locations cite no external theft after installation. I couldn’t be prouder to be joining its board and recommending its service, because it’s great for protecting lives and property as well as lowering crime rates, which is good for the entire community.” 

Electric Guard Dog CEO Mark Wesley said, “We are thrilled to have Bill Bratton join our board of directors. He’s a luminary in law enforcement and commercial theft prevention. We look forward to his expertise and insights in developing new technologies and practices to combat the many unique security challenges commercial businesses face.”