The Identification Systems Group (ISG) announced its new partnership with mobile credential solutions provider Safetrust. With this new partnership, ISG members in the U.S. and Canada will be able to offer both door and logical access control solutions via mobile credential management to its clients. 

Mobile credential authentication and management has been part of ISG’s Five Year Plan to keep the group at the forefront of emerging identification technology. With the ubiquity of mobile devices in use across all market segments, and recent security advancements in the integration of mobile devices with tokens, certificates and application program interfaces (API), a reliable, proven mobile solution was sought out by the ISG’s board. 

With an increased demand for a mobile solution that could work alongside legacy access control technologies, as well as a standalone mobile access solution, the Safetrust offering was impossible to ignore. After a thorough review of its solution portfolio, and testing with other ISG access control products, it was determined that the Safetrust line of SABRE products was a perfect fit for ISG. 

“Safetrust solutions can work with almost any door access system, without having to replace existing readers or cards,” said Tom Stiles, ISG’s executive director. “This allows our current client base to continue using their working access control systems, while slowly integrating toward either an independent mobile access solution, or using mobile access as a second tier of authentication. Having Safetrust in our corner as a viable mobile access control and credential management solution is a major bonus for ISG dealers.” 

“Safetrust shares a commitment with ISG to deliver secure and reliable mobile-centric solutions for access control in the modern enterprise,” said Jason Hart, CEO at Safetrust. “We look forward to exploring opportunities with ISG to extend the benefits of using trusted identities on mobile devices for a variety of building services and applications.”