AvantGuard has started the process of opening a third central station location in Cedar City, Utah. Within the next two years, it will become a complete part of AvantGuard's redundancy infrastructure, further cementing the company's level of reliability while allowing it to scale with the rapid growth of its subscriber base.

AvantGuard will follow the same plan of attack it used when opening its Rexburg, Idaho location. Using a temporary office space, the management team will evaluate the workforce pool and slowly build a team, simultaneously establishing a permanent office location and implementing new system redundancies.

"We are going to test the waters before jumping in with both feet," said AvantGuard President Justin Bailey. "Working in small college towns provides its own challenges, but we love working with the local universities and the students who are looking for part-time work."

In addition to primarily hiring college students to fill operator positions, the Utah workforce has a high portion of bilingual people. In fact, about 30 percent of AvantGuard operators speak at least two languages, helping serve a diverse customer base.

"We love operating in small college towns and that had a big influence on why we chose Cedar City to be the new home of an AvantGuard central station," Bailey said. "Our operator positions are primarily held by college students working through their degrees, and this new location positions us to enforce the hiring model that has proven to be very effective thus far."

Currently, AvantGuard's two locations are each capable of handling the entire signal load, if one loses functionality. The addition of a third location positions AvantGuard to continue offering that ability.

Another reason the AvantGuard management team selected the location is its relative immunity to natural disasters. Coastal cities, especially in the Southeast United States, have a high chance of being hit by hurricanes, flooding and other disasters. 

"We're very excited to offer additional resources and technology to our customers, and the addition of a third central station is yet another testament to our ability to provide exceptional products and services,” Bailey said. 

The AvantGuard team has begun preparations for the new central station and expect to have filled new positions before the end of Q3, 2019.