The four-channel DTK-WM4 family of wall-mount network surge protectors provide robust surge protection for any desired combination of Ethernet, PoE and PoE extender circuits, while supporting data speeds up to 10GbE. The compact design offers rapid-replacement surge protection modules with shielded RJ45 connections and is ideal for smaller installations that do not require large rack-mounted protection systems. Two versions are available: DTK-WM4NETS is a four-channel Ethernet and PoE surge protector, while DTK-WM4EXTS is a four-channel PoE extender surge protector. Both versions use the same design as the company’s rack-mount models, but in a compact package with simple, versatile mounting. The modular design allows for rapid replacement measured in seconds, and the protection modules are the same as the larger rack-mount devices, so one set of spares will support a full range of installations.