IndiaNivesh is one of the leading financial services conglomerates in India. The company plans to emerge as a dynamic, customer-centric, and progressive financial group in the country. With a head office in Mumbai, IndiaNivesh is growing, with eight regional offices and 29 branch offices across India.

With 29 branch offices and eight regional offices across India, IndiaNivesh was concerned about forged attendance data and the existing manual attendance process. Accurately managing attendance data of all employees and calculating error-free salary was a tedious task. The company faced challenges integrating their existing payroll software with the time-and-attendance software.

Matrix provided IndiaNivesh with its COSEC Time-Attendance solution, which has web-based architecture. This solution helped connect all its regional and branch offices to its head office in Mumbai. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance software got was easily integrated with existing payroll software.