Every year at ISC West, Axis Communications Inc. hosts a press breakfast to introduce new products and emphasize their application in a fun and informative way. This year’s breakfast focused on the livability of cities, using Martin Gren, Axis co-founder and inventor in 1996 of the network camera, as a mayoral figure who holds the keys to the city. 

What are those “keys” to livability in today’s urban areas? Safety and security, of course. But there are other keys, as well, which Axis demonstrated during the press conference. 

“What can we as an industry do to help make smarter and safer cities? What is important about where we live? The way we talk about it in Axis is ‘livability.’ How can we make a city more livable? There are many different aspects of that,” said Fredrik Nilsson, vice president, Americas, Axis Communications.

In addition to safety and security, efficient services such as public transportation and traffic management are important. Also, economic growth, the reputation of a city and its sustainability are significant, Nilsson emphasized.

Nilsson and Gren presented several case studies that use solutions from Axis to help improve life in various cities around the world. For example, in New Orleans, as part of a campaign called “Clean Up New Orleans” (https://www.nola.com/politics/2018/09/clean_up_nola_latoya_cantrell.html) AXIS D2050-VE network radar detectors connected to PTZ cameras were installed at 10 sites to spot illegal trash dumping along roadways and in alleys.

In Atlanta, Operation Shield (www.atlantapolicefoundation.org/programs/operation-shield/) is a good example of a public-private partnership, Gren said. Initially the city installed just 17 cameras, a number that eventually grew to about 400 cameras. However, “what they have today including all these public-private partnerships is about 4,000 cameras,” he said. “By increasing the amount of eyes by these partnerships you can increase what you see by a factor of 10 or even more in some places.” In addition to security, the cameras are used for traffic management, to improve vehicular flow in extremely congested areas.

During the ISC West exhibition, Axis Communications also debuted new products and solutions in network audio, multidirectional and infrared (IR) camera capabilities, and access control technology, including: 

  • The multidirectional, four-channel AXIS P3719-PLE Network Camera features quad HD resolution and a 30 fps frame rate and is capable of providing 24/7, 360-deg. coverage. This easy-to-install outdoor camera can be either recessed or corner-mounted and comes with an integrated IP66/IP67-rated weather shield. Axis Lightfinder technology, WDR and 360-deg. IR illumination ensure that AXIS P3719-PLE is able to capture images with exceptional sharpness and clarity regardless of lighting conditions. 
  • AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier makes migration from traditional to network audio systems smart and easy by enabling any passive speaker to benefit from the same feature set as Axis network speakers. By pairing the AXIS C8210 with AXIS Audio Management Software, users can enjoy flexible zoning, managing and monitoring all audio devices from a single interface, and easy integration to systems like SIP, VoIP and camera systems. 
  • In response to demand for more heavy duty PTZ cameras with built-in IR illumination, Axis is launching the new AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ network camera. The camera comes with a half-inch sensor and combines high quality imaging with fast PTZ functionalities. It features long-range OptimizedIR technology alongside IR LEDs capable of adjusting to the camera’s zoom, enabling superior video quality at up to 1,300 ft., even in low light or complete darkness. 
  • AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station combines access control, two-way audio capabilities and a 6 MP security camera in a single device. The station also includes an integrated RFID reader for easy employee access and enables remote entrance control using a computer, phone or mobile device. 

“Building a smarter, more secure world — by providing all of our stakeholders with the solutions that they need to succeed — is our primary goal,” said Fredrik Nilsson, vice president, Americas, Axis Communications Inc.