The DuraVision DX0211-IP brings EIZO’s innovative decoding technology from its IP decoding monitors (DuraVision FDF2304W-lP and FDF4627W-1P) to an external box format. It decodes multiple feeds from IP cameras that display video in real time. It can be used with varying monitor sizes and resolutions, making it ideal for video walls and multi-monitor environments. DuraVision DX0211-1P, ElZO’s IP decoding box, is an integrated solution that connects directly to the switch connecting IP cameras. It does not require a PC, software or other hardware to operate. Equipped with two HDMI outputs, the DuraVision DX0211-IP supports 4K UHD resolution on up to two monitors simultaneously. It can decode and compress H.265, H.264, and MJPEG codecs while maintaining high frame rates, even when streaming high-resolution video. Up to 64 IP cameras can be registered to the DuraVision DX0211-IP, including 4K cameras. It supports cameras with ONVIF Profile S, Axis VAPIX, and Panasonic protocols in addition to RTSP.