Trackforce’s Command Center equips security supervisors stationed at a central location with the capability to remotely monitor and manage individual or multiple officers and various security situations. It also delivers a unified threat analysis across multiple sites. Security supervisors now have quicker access to existing security resources needed to manage a situation and improve response times. The Command Center also ensures that there is greater oversight and control over client sites. It is scalable and will support the security company through all its growth stages. The Command Center is provided with a full set of features to all security companies irrespective of size, and all users become fully operational within a few days of the Trackforce platform’s implementation and customization. Management can opt to zoom in and monitor individual personnel activity at any time and contact, assist and communicate with even the most remote officers using push-to-talk and mass notification communication capabilities. With enhanced command and control capabilities, an officer or developing situation can be tracked in no more than two clicks, on a single screen, with fewer actions than previously required.

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