Threat Extinguisher, a Columbus, Ohio based innovator of a new patented, innovative, non-lethal active shooter violence solution, has partnered with Paul Boucherle CPP CSC, founder of Matterhorn Consulting, LLC, to continue guiding their growth.

Paul Boucherle is a security hall of fame inductee, thought leader, writer, technology innovator, education advisory member and WPV mitigation advocate consultant in the security industry for 42 years. “I have helped technology solution providers, systems integrators and end users grow our industry my entire career, and this tool is a game changer for the increasing threat of workplace violence,” Boucherle said. “It offers an effective solution to the crucial first five-minute response of an active shooter scenario to allow people to protect and quickly communicate to security first responders.”

Threat Extinguisher has installed their solution in schools, churches and corporate sites over the last 3 years, and is now prepared to engage select strategic partners to make this non-lethal, lifesaving technology available to the mainstay of security tools for security professionals.

“Matterhorn Consulting has worked with us to help guide our early business development and new technology launch into the security industry for the last 19 months,” said Sam Fasone, CEO of Threat Extinguisher. “This relationship has helped us prepare for our next phase of growth.”