Numera Libris 2 is the next generation of the company’s mobile personal emergency response, fall detection solution. The 4G/LTE-supported Numera Libris 2 includes a host of features, including top quality automatic fall detection, which has the ability to detect free-fall, plus three-dimensional space analysis. Its voice recognition capabilities enable far field recognition and a potential target range of 10-11 ft. A new microphone and speaker enable crystal-clear communication, and users can enjoy enhanced commands, including “LIBRIS help,” “power off,” and volume controls. The Numera Libris 2 ships with 4G/LTE support. The product’s fall detection methods are based on multiple motion sensors and proprietary algorithms; the device is able to notify the monitoring center of a fall on its own, even if the individual is unable to activate the button themselves. Libris connects wirelessly with personal medical devices, collects and shares objective health measurement data.

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