London, U.K.-based Sovereign Safe provides deposit facilities that push the global standards of the safe deposit industry. With the latest modular high compression steel vaults constructed and installed by specialist manufacturers, and state-of-the-art biometric access with complete audit trail from electronic alarmed lockers, Sovereign counts itself as a leader amongst any high security facility anywhere in the world.

People across the country have been targeted for their valuables, not only on the streets but also in their homes. Sovereign Safe sought to offer peace of mind by delivering the highest-level of security and access permission through various levels of security checks.

The company turned to Matrix to help solve these challenges by providing its COSEC PANEL LITE, VEGA, PVR, PATH Series, and ARC DC100P. The Matrix access control solution is designed to address security concerns without compromising hospitality and productivity. It allows enrolling visitor’s fingerprint/palm vein reader/RFID Card to provide the visitor with access to restricted area using the two-person rule, route-based access and anti-passback.

With the new system in place, Sovereign Safe can not only provide its customers peace of mind but there are several other benefits as well, including: a seamless experience; increased productivity for the staff; quick actions on exceptions; multi-layer authentication; and greater customer satisfaction.