To help dealers seeking a low-cost cell solution to update and safeguard countless Vista Panel accounts faced with sunsets and disappearing POTs, Napco just introduced new StarLink Connect-DL dual function cell/IP communicators. They offer the easiest, painless cell migration path and enable fast full programming and remote up/downloading via familiar Compass software, plus the choice of AT&T LTE or Verizon LTE networks and any central station. For $9.95 net per StarLink Connect-DL, any Honeywell Vista account can be traded-up from POTs, old radios, sunsetting networks or even new construction, in about 10 minutes and four simple steps using the StarLink Free for All program. Panel-powered (eliminating power supplies), all StarLinks use signal boost and twin dual-diversity antennae (receiving signals on both at once), and come preactivated to ensure communications before going onsite.   

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