Version 5.8 of Ocularis has put the user front and center. One of the numerous improvements is the inclusion of an Ocularis Client MSI installer, which enables customers to easily push out Ocularis Client updates using the System Center Configuration Manager from Microsoft, greatly reducing time required for software deployments, updates and hotfixes across the enterprise. The new version allows customers to create a comprehensive security environment made up of multiple security-relevant systems and applications communicating with each other. Using a flexible, driver-based approach, the new Event Interface breaks new ground to connect third-party security products to Ocularis, addressing the needs of customers who place a premium on their physical security strategy. All events from third-party applications such as access control and intruder alarm systems can now be received and visualized within Ocularis. In addition, the analytics interface allows for the integration of any edge or server-based video analytics or license plate recognition solution on the market, also using a plugin-based approach. Ocularis 5.8 now supports more than 5,000 different devices from over 80 different hardware manufacturers. 

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