With EntraPass v8.20, EntraPass go Pass mobile app users gain improved search capabilities and other efficient upgrades to deliver remote and real-time access. EntraPass go Pass requests will no longer be attached to a selected SmartLink, eliminating the need to configure every connection. Users will now be able to access any inbound connection with little to no obstacles. Enhanced users/card search functionality is also a significant enhancement. Users will be able to search for a profile, while keeping the search menu open. This update also opens the EntraPass security management software to macOS users. EntraPass v8.0 will be compatible with the High Sierra system or higher. Additionally, EntraPass v8.20 includes an “email” field in the CSV report exports, which will be particularly beneficial for hattrix partners. This feature allows a manager to easily choose a set of accounts/owners and export email addresses, along with additional account statistics.

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