3xLOGIC Inc., a provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions, announced the immediate availability of its infinias and VIGIL certification training courses, as well as sister company Sonitrol’s CLOUD access and mySonitrol.net courses. For a limited time only, training is available at zero cost. More than 750 people have already taken advantage of this free offering. 

“Easy to learn solutions that are also easy to install are key differentiators when choosing from the 3xLOGIC ecosystem of solutions, and now our eLearning Academy is available to our valued partners at no cost,” said Suzi Abell, senior director of global marketing, 3xLOGIC. 

New technician training certification for infinias consists of 10 modules and assessments. The infinias Access Control Certification course introduces new terminology to the student, presents core and peripheral hardware and provides best practices for configuration and navigation. Lab work is included by granting the student access with their own account to the infinias Training CLOUD where they will complete tasks such as calendar integration, zone hierarchy, new customer creation and more.  

The VIGIL Video Management course also contains 10 modules featuring current hardware offerings as well as in-depth navigation of the VIGIL Client, Server and other utilities within the VIGIL suite of products. This course also provides a VIGIL Server playground with simulated exercises such as adding camera streams, setting up groups and users and setting recording schedules. All training modules enable 3xLOGIC installer partners to access the curriculum and assessments any time, from anywhere.

All the training programs consist of interactive modules that facilitate learning of the 3xLOGIC and Sonitrol product lines, applications, hardware installation and software deployment. Trainees can log in and access the training server for a digital, remote, yet hands-on learning experience. 
“When it comes to on-demand training, 3xLOGIC certified partners now have the advantage, and there’s never been a better time to make these valuable additions to your skill set,” said Bill Hobbs, VP of global sales, 3xLOGIC.

3xLOGIC’s eLearning Academy certification courses are available today at https://go.bluevolt.com/SPSAcademy.

The Sonitrol CLOUD Access Course introduces the Sonitrol network to the terms, concepts and hardware associated with their cloud-managed access control offering. A total of seven modules walk the trainee through the configuration, navigation and management of the user interface and dealer portal.

The mySonitrol course is geared toward the end-user, and consists of six modules that instruct on the key concepts like signing on, running reports, editing users, video integration and management of the Sonitrol access control system.