3xLOGIC Inc., a provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions, extended the deadlines to sign up and complete its free infinias and VIGIL certification training courses, as well as sister company Sonitrol’s CLOUD access and mySonitrol.net courses. Sign up for zero-cost training now ends on May 31, and participants have 30 days to complete the courses, even if they sign up on the last day of registration.

Trainees for all the courses come from 47 US states and 24 countries around the world. In all, 542 different companies are represented among the trainee pool and the course completion rate already exceeds 33 percent after only six weeks.

“Through this free training offer, the number of students currently enrolled in just the 3xLOGIC certification courses for infinias and VIGIL is greater than the total number of certificates we had issued before we started free training — that’s incredible,” said Brandon Harless, 3xLOGIC training manager.

New technician training certification for infinias consists of 10 modules and assessments. The infinias access control certification course introduces new terminology to the student, presents core and peripheral hardware and provides best practices for configuration and navigation. The VIGIL video management course also contains 10 modules featuring current hardware offerings as well as in-depth navigation of the VIGIL Client, Server and other utilities within the VIGIL suite of products. 

The Sonitrol CLOUD access course introduces the Sonitrol network to the terms, concepts and hardware associated with their cloud-managed access control offering. A total of seven modules walk the trainee through the configuration, navigation and management of the user interface and dealer portal. The mySonitrol course is geared toward the end user. This course consists of six modules that instruct on the key concepts including signing on, running reports, editing users, video integration and management of the Sonitrol access control system.

3xLOGIC and Sonitrol’s eLearning Academy certification courses are available today at https://go.bluevolt.com/SPSAcademy.