CHeKT announced support for AI and video analytics with integration into alarm monitoring centers. With this firmware update, the OPTEX Visual Verification Bridge can now supervise cameras with analytics over the IP network and generate alarms based on the camera’s analytics. 

When an analytic event occurs, the Bridge creates a video clip of the incident and transmits the Contact ID alarm code into the monitoring center, giving operators instant access to the site’s live video and the pre/post-alarm event video. This allows security integrators to use cameras with analytics as new security zones or as additional alarm zones to an existing alarm system, making the Bridge function like a video analytics zone expander.

“When integrators can trigger detection from both physical detection zones and cameras with reliable analytics, you can quickly scale a site into a modern security solution. This allows security companies to leverage an existing alarm system with cutting edge AI technology, ensuring an operator response to AI events,” said John Milliron, vice president of CHeKT.

Traditionally the Bridge has allowed integrators to pair any camera with any physical trigger zone.  Now, the security industry has a device that can create an alarm and video event from either a physical trigger point or video analytics.

“This is a significant announcement for dealers who install sites with high-quality video analytics and need a central monitoring station to provide monitoring service of these cameras,” said Milliron, “Integrators won’t have to configure cameras or recording schedules. With the Bridge connected to an on-site alarm system, analytics-based alarm events will only transmit to the central station when the alarm panel is armed. The monitoring centers can treat these cameras like a traditional alarm panel zone.”