The ME6 series of IP cameras is a new 6MP camera line powered by artificial intelligence. Incorporating advanced system-on-chip technology from Ambarella, the ME6 series use deep neural network processing power to accurately distinguish between people and vehicles. This built-in intelligence is combined with next-generation security analytics for the most accurate, real-time analysis and detection of events. Organizations can enhance security and rapidly respond to incidents with the cameras’ highly accurate notifications on perimeter and zone breaches, loitering and atypical activity involving vehicles. The ME6 Series’ analytics are embedded on the cameras for convenient out-of-the-box use. The cameras also incorporate digital overlap high dynamic range (DOL- HDR), the latest in HDR sensor technology for superior image quality in highly contrasted lighting conditions. DOL- HDR combines three separate exposures in every frame, delivering only the sharpest, most colorful and well-lit images for customers. Additionally, the cameras offer a new region of interest feature that allows users to adjust compression levels within identified zones and save on storage. 

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