Alcatraz, a developer of secure frictionless access control products, has partnered with Intelligent Systems Marketing (ISM) to sell and market Alcatraz’s innovative security solutions. 

ISM is a manufacturer’s representative company covering Northern California, Northern Nevada and the Rocky Mountain states that specializes in the sale and installation of a variety of security products, including comprehensive access control solutions. 

"We're always excited to promote the latest in security technology and the Alcatraz Rock fits the bill,” said ISM President Mark Dodge. “Any access control product that increases security and reduces touchpoints — particularly as we work to reduce germs and viruses in the workplace — is in great demand right now. But the technology is what impresses with the Alcatraz Rock. The ability for users to self-enroll and use one- or two-factor authentication means users of any access control product can affordably add facial authentication that detects tailgating."

Alcatraz is a frictionless and secure physical access control platform that detects tailgating and works with any access control system. It replaces or augments badging as a credential with facial recognition, 3D sensing and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations. The Rock uses passive 3D sensing, machine learning for increased security and accurate tailgating detection while intelligently enrolling employees as they are badging in.

“ISM has impressive experience in security sales and a great understanding of the Alcatraz product and how it can elevate an existing access control system to deliver more security and a frictionless environment,” said Alcatraz Founder and CEO Vince Gaydarzhiev. “The Alcatraz team is grateful to have ISM join us in increasing our presence in this important region.”