DITEK’s new Deflector Series surge protective device model DTK-DF120S12 is designed to protect convenience stores and multi-dispenser fueling stations from damage caused by electrical surge events. This configuration protects sensitive fuel pump control systems and more from damage while ensuring that protection is operating correctly. The configuration is designed to protect up to 12 fuel dispensers — or any mixture of 12 mission critical 120-volt device not exceeding 20 amps — using a single compact wall-mountable cabinet. For an operation with more than 12 essential devices, multiple cabinets can easily be installed to cover every system. The cabinet itself features a clear window that lets staff confirm protection status instantly, and if replacement is needed, the rapid-replacement modules are easily serviced. With its audible alarm, flashing LED indicator and remote notification capability, each module lets the user know in three ways when it requires attention. It provides advanced, isolated surge protection and noise filtering, yet it is easy to monitor, easy to maintain, and easy to replace protection modules without costly service interruptions. It also alerts users when it has reached its end-of-life.

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