Recently everyone has learned to live in what seems to be a new world, and in many ways, we have all succumbed to change in one way or another.

Our industry has addressed change by shifting gears to maintain business continuity and keep our employees safe and healthy, switching to a work-from-home model wherever possible. At a time when our customers are relying on us to provide seamless services, we must focus on the impact of the choices we make moving forward. Organizational change is complicated and when not done right, the results can be detrimental.

Security cameras have been a part of the professional security landscape for over three decades. At trade shows, surveillance equipment is often the first and last thing you see as you make your way through the exhibit hall.

Through innovation, the industry benefits from improving technologies and a booming economy. With the unwelcome introduction of COVID-19 however, the security industry faces an invisible and silent threat to our industry — not in the form of a virus, but from our ability to fully meet customer expectations.

Given the current state of the industry, this challenge warrants a response. Is it too late to pivot and redirect our cumulative efforts?

Monitoring companies should consider reconnecting with their customer base to discuss how to improve their existing security infrastructure in ways that enhance protection and are also accessible during the current crisis. For example, many businesses have long focused on indoor protection, but may not have considered the many benefits that come from extending their security to the largely unprotected outdoors.

The professional monitoring industry has expanded to the point that we are no longer just intrusion alarm and camera system providers.

Video monitoring allows companies to up their game by providing solutions with immediate customer-focused results. Allowing an operator to have access to video when an event occurs changes everything in the way he or she interacts with customers and first responders. With visible data available, operators will immediately recognize a new level of confidence absent without cameras in place.

The easiest way to bring value to your customers, separate yourself from your competitors and create a sustainable revenue model for your company is to include a video monitoring solution.

At The Monitoring Association (TMA), a standing committee on surveillance and video verification carefully monitors how video monitoring and installation best practices can improve how monitoring companies do business. New video monitoring technologies allow your company to provide these services in any vertical.

As an essential services provider, the security industry must consider that change is also essential to stay relevant and responsive. If you do not think change is necessary, then you may just be better off sheltering in place.