Ontic, a provider of unified protective intelligence software platforms announced the integration of the WAVR-21 V3 (Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk) into its SaaS-based protective intelligence platform. The WAVR-21 instrument can be utilized by Ontic’s corporate and higher education clients for risk assessment and management.

The WAVR-21 methodology is designed to improve the quality of threat assessment and case management decision-making through scientifically-grounded assessment technology and improves communication among the multi-disciplinary members of the incident management process. The WAVR manual is included within the Ontic platform and acts as an educational resource for practitioners at all levels of experience. WAVR-21 consultants are also available to collaborate with Ontic clients on training and the development of operational plans and best practices.

“The WAVR-21 co-developers, Drs. Stephen White and Reid Meloy, have drawn on their many years of case consultations to organizations, integrating it with empirical research and violence risk literature to provide a fundamental guide for understanding workplace and campus targeted violence risk,” said Lukas Quanstrom, chief executive officer, Ontic. “Integrating the WAVR-21 into the Ontic platform is yet another innovation that gives physical security teams what they need to screen, assess, manage and act on threats to their workplaces and campuses to keep people safe.”

In addition, Ontic announced a partnership with SIGMA Threat Management Associates, integrating SIGMA’s Workplace threat assessment module into the Ontic SaaS-based software platform. SIGMA’s module is designed to help professionals in human resources, corporate security, executive protection, and employee assistance programs to evaluate and address threatening behavior and reduce the risk of workplace violence.

“Partnering with behavioral threat assessment and management experts like SIGMA gives our clients a holistic, highly effective, technology-driven approach to physical and personnel security,” said Lukas Quanstrom, chief executive officer, Ontic. “When paired with SIGMA’s strategic process, which guides the identification of threats, gathering of information, assessment, creation and implementation of plans for addressing threats, the Ontic platform becomes indispensable for the efficient and productive workflows of physical security and safety professionals.”

With the addition of the SIGMA’s Workplace Threat Assessment module, Ontic’s Fortune 500 clients can implement a four-step protocol to help guide decisions around identifying incidents of concern, gathering necessary information through investigative research and interviews, assessing the level of risk and how significant or imminent it may be, and deploying appropriate actions to manage and mitigate the threat. Physical security professionals can also employ the SIGMA Flow within the Ontic platform to create case management plans to address threats, identify gaps in existing processes that may lead to a threat, and implement improvements.

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