There’s hardly a person in the electronic security industry that does not realize the value of networking, but mention the value of actively networking with fellow industry professionals, and you get a mixed reaction. We at SD Marketing believe in the value of a network of industry experts who are actively engaged in the mutual success of those in their network. 

Purposeful networking, or networking agreements, can help you in everything from better prospect prioritization to well-timed marketing outreach. It is about empowering your entire organization with multi-perspective insider knowledge which in turn causes massive growth and stability in any economic environment.  


Fortification in Dry Times

There is a certain area in Southern California that is plagued with winds. Before this area was developed, massive dust storms would form that caused problems in other more developed areas. The affected communities lost significant money as a result. 

The surprising solution to those damaging winds was simple — about one hundred eucalyptus trees. The tall, strong trees stood side-by-side, creating a windbreak that disrupted the damaging force. Very soon, the area around the trees flourished. When you are part of a purposeful network, you become like those eucalyptus trees, standing stronger as a group and creating a better climate in which your business exists. 


Knowledge is Power

Beyond gaining customer referrals, with a broad base network, you have access to customer insights outside of your region, and can identify trends and business insights to leverage in your own business and service area. 


Marketing Force Multiplier 

Effective industry networking takes a lot of hard work, which is why so many people dread it. Done right, however, it can be a boost to your credibility and is difficult to ignore. When you engage with your peers, it provides an opportunity to refine your skills at identifying needs, presenting highly technical knowledge in a digestible manner, mastering the art of starting a conversation, asking engaging questions and creating new connections. You have to know your stuff, and that in-depth, confident knowledge comes across to your customers. 

Passing out your business card is helpful, but not powerful. With the current economic challenges, purposeful industry networking and strong alliances are critical in fortifying your security business and delivering the best possible service to your customer base.