Avenar fire alarm panels support the transformation of building technologies driven by the Internet of Things. The new Avenar panel 2000 replaces the fire panel 1200 series from Bosch as the key solution for smaller projects. It supports up to four loops with up to 512 detectors and call points. The new Avenar 2000 panels can connect to a panel network. Furthermore, the Avenar panel 2000 comes as a complete fire alarm panel kit, expandable in modular fashion. For larger-scale installations, the Avenar panel 8000, the successor of the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series, allows for up to 32 loops and a total of up to 4096 detectors and call points per panel. Both panels support the current generation of fire detectors based on local security network connections, as well as call stations and other critical system components. The new panels can be installed alongside existing network architectures such as the Modular Fire Panel 5000 series from Bosch. Both panels support an Ethernet architecture with 100Mbit connectivity. Four external Ethernet ports are available to link Bosch fire panels and Bosch voice alarm systems on a network, connect to building management systems or other safety systems and also enable remote services for cloud-based control and maintenance.

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