Five lead acid batteries available from DMP will be sold and shipped in master packs. At the same time, the single batteries will no longer be available for individual sale. This new method of shipping will help make handling easier and reduce the risk of freight damage. The single battery models can still be quoted into packages and kits and will ship in those packages and kits just as they do today. The packs are: 364/20 battery master pack, 1.3 Ah 12 VDC, package of 20; 365/4 battery master pack 9.0 Ah 12 VDC package of 4; 366/2 battery master pack, 18.0 Ah 12 VDC, package of 2; 368/10 battery master pack, 5.0 Ah 12 VDC, package of 10; and 369/4 battery master pack, 7.0 Ah 12 VDC, package of 4.