Rave Mobile Safety, a critical communication and collaboration platform, announced the launch of Rave Collaborate, a new solution for tactical incident collaboration. Rave Collaborate addresses needs unmet by traditional incident management solutions with an intuitive tool to coordinate preparedness and response for both planned activities and unplanned emergencies. In addition to task management, reminders and activity tracking, Rave Collaborate is integrated into Rave Alert, a notification system, as well as other communication and IoT technologies, to provide a central platform to manage an organization’s preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation needs.

Developed with extensive customer input, Rave Collaborate is designed to bring order and clarity to chaos and confusion in the critical early minutes and hours of an event. Rave’s solution supports the full spectrum of compliance, business continuity, health, safety and security scenarios. From regulatory compliance and daily COVID-19 protocols to severe weather or server outages, the ability to immediately notify stakeholders, establish clear responsibilities and provide direction for tactical decisions is key to providing and restoring a safe and secure environment.

“Safety is a collaborative exercise, and responding to any situation requires immediate notification, decisive action and coordinated response,” said Todd Piett, CEO, Rave Mobile Safety. “With Rave Collaborate, responders and incident managers have a central command system integrated with critical communication technology to increase situational awareness and monitor the response timeline. Our goal is to enable response teams to do all they can to keep employees, students and communities safe.”

Unlike other critical event management solutions, Rave Collaborate provides a simple and flexible means to share key data, follow protocols and manage the evolving tactical situation across any combination of incident managers, first responders, 9-1-1, emergency management, corporate security and campus security. Rave Collaborate delivers value in seconds — regardless of whether the situation ultimately warrants activating a formal Emergency Operations Center.

Rave Collaborate provides an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and simple to deploy, increasing the number of scenarios where formal guidance can be provided, and expanding the user base that can be engaged in response through this solution, with the ability to:

  • Coordinate incident response with task management, activity status, reminders and reference resources.
  • Automate notification to key stakeholders with pre-built, multi-modal communications templates of emerging threats and scenarios.
  • Support incident collaboration with real-time data sharing and communications amongst multiple responder teams. 
  • Accelerate response and ensure compliance with checklists and protocols for specific situations.
  • Guide actions, support on-the-fly changes and escalate past due tasks to direct response activities.
  • Record all actions on the response timeline for audits and after-action reporting.

“As a healthcare provider with multiple locations, it’s critical that we have consistency in the way we handle incidents across facilities and can capture the insight needed to evaluate how we respond to and recover from any incident,” said Mark Swensen, Northwell Health emergency management coordinator. “Rave Collaborate allows us to achieve those goals while ensuring everyone involved remains situationally aware throughout each step of the process to not only streamline our response, but ensure we’re following established best practices.”

Rave Collaborate is available now. To learn more, visit www.ravemobilesafety.com.