ProdataKey (PDK) has made it easier to connect third-party solutions with pdk io software through the use of webhooks. Webhooks are an enhancement to the pdk io API, allowing the software to send automated notifications to a receiving URL when specified events occur. They can be created for any number of access control events, such as opening a specific door, opening any door, the entry of a specific employee or the addition or deactivation of a user. The receiving third-party software or app can utilize this information within its own platform, allowing for integrated functionality without the need to constantly request updates from pdk io. Video management, visitor management, time and attendance tracking, fire and burg and intercom software are prime examples of solutions that can be easily enhanced by leveraging pdk io’s webhooks.

“PDK, long known for its commitment to delivering mobile-first access control that’s accessible anytime, anywhere, has now expanded that mission to include ‘any way’ with the introduction of webhooks,” said Jeff Perri, PDK president and COO. “This simplified way to connect with pdk io means that customers can expect accelerated growth in software and mobile apps that offer the convenience of integrated access control features. Our mobile first approach has redefined convenience within the access control category; we now want to empower manufacturers, integrators and customers to take advantage of our platform in other ways that makes sense for their particular needs.”

Webhooks are now available for interested pdk io partners. Learn more on PDK’s dedicated API portal at