Since launching in 2019, Camect has had success in selling its device that unifies the management of compatible security cameras and uses advanced AI technology to provide alerts in real-time. Now, with its new All-Pro program, the company is looking to get security professionals more involved.

“We think the dealers add a lot of value to the process,” said Camect Co-Founder and CEO Arup Mukherjee. “A large segment of the population would like some amount of handholding when setting up their system.”

Mukherjee said that when they sell directly to the end user, 90 percent of the time they have questions about the install. With the All-Pro program, integrators are there to walk users through the process and answer questions.

Integrators in the pro program are also able to make unique configurations of the Camect system, based the individual end user’s needs.

“Our system has more capabilities than what we exposed to end users,” Mukherjee said. “When we sell a system to an end user, it is optimized in a specific way which is designed to ensure an end user doesn’t get overwhelmed. We don’t expose options in our interface to allow users to change our settings. If you’re a pro, we trust that you’ll have better judgement and optimize it to what’s appropriate to that installation, so we can give them more capabilities. The end user then gets a better system because it’s been set up by a pro, and they’ve provided further customization.”

Unlike selling other smart home products, integrators can make RMR off of Camect devices. Pros can own the customer relationship, and directly manage the billing for the customer. 

Camect products also provide more privacy than other smart home products — a large selling point in the current climate. The analysis and video are both 100 percent local, so customers retain full control of their footage (and the system will continue to work of the Internet is down). 

Pros can even take advantage of a monitoring backend integration only available to those in the program. With this, you can set users up with a monitoring station to watch their account. 

“The dealer program’s intention is to create a community of dealers,” said Camect Business Sales Consultant Mike Buckingham. “When we put this in front of dealers, they find how compelling and attractive this solution is to their end users.”

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