One of the smartest ways to strengthen and grow a business is to take advantage of markets with large, consistent IT spends. SYNNEX, a technology solutions distributor specializing in business process services, offers its Red, White & You! and Red, White & You! On the Road events for security integrators looking to grow and capitalize on public sector and government-regulated verticals.

For government agencies and regulated industries, the roads to advancement and compliance are paved with technology. Red White & You! courses focus on skills-building and education for those looking to understand fundamental philosophies that cross vertical markets, as well as the unique needs of each.

The SYNNEX education team comprises experts with experience in the classrooms and campuses integrators sell into. In the education space, for example, security integrators learn how schools are looking to consolidate their IT spend and single point of contact. The opportunity lies in helping schools understand that streamlined IT fosters a more robust security environment, with fewer “cooks in the kitchen” introducing vulnerabilities at every connection point.

Red, White You! keeps partners current on the funding mechanisms that enable schools to purchase equipment and upgrade systems. Especially in K-12, it’s important to learn how to navigate and profit from initiatives such as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), E-Rate, and how new standards from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) open the doors for complete solutions in school systems nationwide. 

From comprehensive community development partnerships to campus security, corporate security, and regulated industries, security solutions help build long-term customer relationships. SYNNEX begins its session by explaining the budgetary planning and resource management process, then quickly dives deeper into an industry-led expert panel discussing the essentials of public safety in today’s fast-growing urban population centers and the need for enhanced city services.

One area partners are encouraged to learn more about is the Vehicle Area Network, a term that’s gaining traction in the industry. Most emergency and law enforcement will be recording or streaming videos, driving connectivity to multiple devices that will make it necessary to amplify security offerings. What’s more, public safety agencies have an interest in streamlining their IT spending and processes. SYNNEX explains how to build on expertise in securing data by managing and making it more useful to customers. The needs in public safety go into everything from body-worn cameras to building occupancy and space usage information.

As hospital systems are incentivized to keep people out of their doors, they’re turning to technologies that support both patients and healthcare workers remotely, from patient monitoring to telemedicine. First responders, who have essentially always been mobile, have increasing needs related to connectivity. These changes have increased opportunities for security professionals to help health agencies safeguard sensitive data and transmissions. SYNNEX Red White & You! illuminates opportunities in countless small hospital systems throughout the country that have yet to implement needed technologies, yet lack the in-house staff or sophistication to do so.

Print security is a striking healthcare issue ripe for solutions. Even in the digital age, print is an important component of healthcare and other regulated industries. Sixty percent of companies surveyed by HP found a data breach involving printers. In response, creating a complete print security strategy for customers requires coordinated protection of devices, data and documents. This opportunity speaks directly to new avenues for security integrators.

There are also more government-regulated verticals to tackle, such as transportation and utilities. Red White and You! in March 2018 will offer in-depth sessions on these and other security issues that will be key for SYNNEX’s security integrator community in 2018 and beyond. As the coming year approaches, SYNNEX invites security experts to become part of the community and learn the best opportunities in public sector and regulated industries. — Contributed by Eddie Franklin, Vice President Public Sector/Vertical Markets, SYNNEX Corporation.