Boon Edam Inc., a global provider of security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that the QO Amsterdam Hotel, a four-star resort on the famous Amstel River, has installed a TQA automatic revolving door at its front entrance to save energy and create a comfortable lobby, while still enabling the interior to receive exposure to the exterior sunlight.

QO Amsterdam is a unique lifestyle hotel with 288 rooms designed by a triad team of architectural firms. Their goal in designing the hotel was to create a space that catered to the 21st century hotel guest who demands luxury and comfort while leaving a minimal footprint on our planet. When the hotel was completed, it was one of the first hotels in Europe to become LEED Platinum Certified.

In keeping with an energy saving, upscale design of the hotel, the architects specified a Boon Edam TQA automatic revolving door at the main entrance. Operating in an “always open, yet always closed” mode, revolving doors save energy and control interior climates while being easy for the public to use. As a result of installing the revolving door at the entry, the hotel was able to lower energy consumption for heating by 65 percent and cooling by 90 percent, significantly reducing their energy expenses.

QO Amsterdam Hotel’s facade consists of floor-to-ceiling high windows to ensure spatial quality and a breathtaking view. In keeping with that look and feel, the architects requested that the TQA revolving door be customized with a glass ceiling to enhance the feeling of openness and allow natural light to flow inside. All working parts and mechanisms of the door were installed in the floor to ensure they were completely out of sight for a seamless, finished look.