StorMagic’s ARQvault is an active intelligent repository that allows customers to gather, store and find data forever at an affordable price. ARQvault stores data as objects on any type of storage including all-flash disk arrays, SAN, NAS, tape, optical or any public cloud and lowers the cost of storing data by at least 50 percent compared with disk-only systems. All of the data stored by ARQvault is always available and can be quickly searched so customers can find any type of data fast, regardless of when it was written or where it currently resides. StorMagic ARQvault solutions include ARQvault Video Surveillance, which is a complete video surveillance solution targeted at all edge use cases that provides video capture, secure tiered storage, intelligent search, and management. The solution consists of ARQvault and one module: either the VMS module, which integrates ARQvault with surveillance cameras and third-party analytics, or the VMS Connectors module, which allows customers to connect to their existing VMS and leverage the benefits of ARQvault. ARQvault Digital Evidence Management is a complete solution developed for law enforcement, transportation and delivery services, warehouses, retail and commercial environments. The solution consists of ARQvault and one or more modules: File Ingest module, In-Car module, Body Cam module, or Interview Room module.

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