SAFR from RealNetworks Inc. announced a partnership with Convergint Technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, Convergint will add the SAFR computer vision platform to their portfolio of integrated security solutions to offer its U.S. customers the industry’s foremost facial recognition platform for live video intelligence.

Convergint is a $1.4 billion global systems integrator with over 150 locations spanning the globe. By teaming up with SAFR, Convergint will have access to a facial recognition platform for live video with low bias available. SAFR is a compact Facial Recognition (FR) solution with the ability to be deployed on the edge and within cameras. SAFR’s relentless focus on the ethical use of FR technology makes it easy for customers around the world to comply with existing standards such as GDPR.

SAFR’s computer vision SDK and web APIs allows Convergint to provide integrations to meet the needs of organizations. From watchlists, to access control, and perimeter protection, the solution can be deployed for a wide variety of use cases. Customers own their own database and can manage opt-in/opt-out enrollment easily with a simple user interface.

“Convergint is a trusted supplier and service provider to many well-known customers in North America,” Mitch Fagundes, Sales and Business Development, SAFR. “By choosing SAFR as a preferred FR partner, they’ve made a commitment to their customers that builds on that trust, knowing that SAFR is designed with privacy in mind.”

Amir Shechter, executive director of advanced solutions for Convergint Technologies, added, “We chose to partner with SAFR for many reasons, key among them is the trusted performance of their FR algorithm. We look forward to working together with their team on innovation solutions that enable us to be our customers’ best service provider.”