The Electronic Security Expo (ESX) Virtual Experience, presented by the Electronic Security Association (ESA), will be held on June 15-17, featuring keynotes and 24 sessions with learning opportunities.

With changing social, economic and business environments, security professionals need to adapt to new market strategies and offerings. Identifying the right next gen products and services can have a positive impact on the customer pipeline, improve the customer experience and keep customers loyal.

During the session, “New Markets, Innovative Products, Bright Future” Parks Associates’ Amanda Kung and Alarm New England’s Alexandra Curtiss Thompson will share insights on how to build a marketing strategy that targets the unique needs of customers, evaluating current market segment penetration and top areas for growth.

As the number of connected devices grows, so does the current threat landscape. During the session “Cyber Security: Current Landscape and Its Effects on the Security Industry,” Bosch Security’s David Brent will discuss major cyber threats that are most critical to the industry and how security professionals can protect their customers from them.

“These sessions will provide a glimpse at how security professionals are navigating today’s business environment and protecting their customers against evolving threats," said George De Marco, chairman, ESX. “It is vital for ESX to provide a platform for security professionals to come together to exchange ideas and best practices. It’s how our industry gets stronger — by learning from one another.”

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