Open Options, a provider of access control solutions, has released the DNA Fusion recertification course.  The self-paced class, which is part of Open Options’ ongoing commitment to robust training and certification, refreshes existing customers on key concepts of the access control solution DNA Fusion, and also serves as an introduction for any new features or updates. 

Aimed at deepening the company’s relationships with partners, the training enhancements ease the recertification process and provide greater access to long-term success with the company’s expanding access control product portfolio. Expanded training for both sales and technical resources is available to partners, helping to ensure a systems integrator’s entire organization is equipped with the most relevant Open Options technologies and certifications. Additionally, the program helps partners grow and profit financially in the access control market.

“Open Options’ robust training programs have been crucial to our success by allowing our team to deliver industry leading security solutions to our customers,” said Mihai Simon, president of ETG Systems Inc. “By deepening our relationship with Open Options, we’re able to more effectively scale our organization with a partner committed to our long-term growth.”

The new DNA Fusion recertification course is self-paced, and reviews items like hardware, system usage, access levels and more. This approach ensures that integrator partners and end customers will be fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to have a successful understanding of the access control system and maximize ROI and usage. The course is intended to be taken two years after the essentials certification, which takes place at the time of initial purchase.

 “Continuous training is at the heart of our operations,” said Chuck O’Leary, senior vice president of Americas at ACRE. “We believe that providing these flexible options for our customers empowers them with a robust understanding of the system and ultimately sets them up for success. As the security industry continues to evolve, there will always be a need for new and evolving programs to meet changing business requirements. Creating a self-paced course that encourages our customers to stay on track with these changes helps to optimize the lifecycle and use of our technologies in real world applications.”

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