Trox + Tierney, a security integrator serving the education market, announced it will rebrand as Bluum. 

Trox + Tierney first merged in April 2021, resulting in a technology solutions company providing products and services, AV design and integration, and professional development for educators. Many of Bluum’s 775 employees stem from education, providing experience and knowledge to their former colleagues. 

“Our company’s growth has occurred through mergers and acquisitions, as well as organically, more than tripling our revenue over the past three years,” Bluum CEO Erez Pikar said. “We are united under one aspirational brand and a vision of creating equity and access in education. All of our employees equally share in this identity, which aligns with our mission, objectives and pursuit of continued growth.”

According to Bluum, its company mission is rooted in the belief that education is a step toward a more positive and equitable tomorrow. The company says the wonder of learning and the benevolence behind increasing student engagement heavily influenced Bluum’s new logo and design.

“The inspiration for our brand name came from Bloom’s Taxonomy, a fundamental philosophy in every educator’s toolkit,” Vice President of Marketing and Communications Diane Mitchell said. “The act of ‘blooming’ signals a moment of transformation when the right set of people, resources and knowledge come together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Technology is only the beginning. Our level of care and involvement with every customer sets us apart in making an impact on the user and the outcome.”

Today’s announcement is the first step in a phased rebrand, which includes the launch of a new e-Commerce site this spring. While the Bluum brand will serve its education customers, the company also introduced the Bluum Technology brand to continue to develop its existing business and government customer base. 

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