The AcuSense audio and strobe light camera series combines advanced machine learning with integral strobe lighting and audio warnings in a single unit, providing an effective autonomous solution for deterring intruders. Unlike conventional security systems that rely on multiple devices for visual surveillance and visual and audible alerts, these cameras deliver an all-in-one solution. Equipped with Hikvision’s second generation AcuSense intelligence, these new cameras help reduce false alarms by up to 90 percent by accurately classifying humans and vehicles, and filter out innocuous motion events caused by animals, inclement weather or foliage. Users can customize audio responses with pre-recorded audio messages that play at up to 60dB from a built-in speaker. The cameras come equipped with 10 audio sound options, with the ability to easily adjust the pattern and frequency of the strobe light. When an event occurs, Hikvision the cameras also send instant event notifications to system administrators via the Hik-Connect app, available for iOS and Android platforms, allowing security personnel to view surveillance footage in real-time on a smartphone or tablet, and initiate two-way audio communication with trespassers within a radius of 49 ft.of the camera. The cameras are available in fixed turret, fixed bullet and speed dome configurations with resolutions ranging from 4 MP to 8 MP.

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