Oak View Group has selected Patriot One’s Gateway solution to protect all entrances to Austin’s new world-class live entertainment venue, Moody Center. 

Designed specifically for concerts, the new arena, which seats more than 15,000 people, replaces the 45-year-old Frank C. Erwin Jr. Center at The University of Texas and is home to the University of Texas women’s and men’s basketball games, family shows, and other sporting and community events. Moody Center is the first of its kind in the industry, with a partnership between Oak View Group, Live Nation/C3 Presents, The University of Texas at Austin, and Minister of Culture Matthew McConaughey.

“Despite being The Live Musical Capital of the World, Austin was lacking a state-of-the-art venue to host the best and biggest names in the music industry,” said Jeff Nickler, senior vice president and general manager of Moody Center. “Moody Center is a place built for Austin. Not only will it be the best place to experience live entertainment, but it will also be a place to watch more Longhorn victories. The arena was built with the best technological advances in the world, which include unparalleled patron security and safety. We chose Patriot One because of its ability to help us maximize patron entry, as well as cost savings. Versus traditional walk-through metal detectors, the Gateway screening solution is allowing our patrons to experience up to six times faster entry, while reducing operational costs more than 50 percent.”

Moody Center deploys Patriot One’s SmartGateway solution, which is specifically designed for stadiums and other large entertainment venues. The Gateway will unobtrusively scan patrons for concealed guns, knives, and other prohibited items when they enter the facility, without the need to remove personal items from their pockets. This allows for an uninterrupted, free flow of patrons into the stadium, eliminating security lines and delays.

The Gateway solution sensors are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that scan for concealed weapons on patrons as they enter the venue. Its easy-to-use system requires fewer security guards to operate, meaning additional guards can be redeployed to other high-value tasks around the stadium, such as responding to security incidents. The SmartGateway iteration of the Gateway solution was specifically designed for high-throughput venues, such as those that host large, ticketed events. It can securely get thousands of patrons inside the venue quickly, in alignment with security standard requirements.

“Our Gateway solution is very customizable and flexible, allowing us to architect it to be a perfect fit for venues like the Moody Center, so they can have the best of both worlds in terms of fast security lines and cost savings,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One. “We are pleased that Oak View Group has chosen us to protect entrances at their venues. We look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”