More than 1 in 4 (26%) Americans have had a package stolen from their porch or doorstep, according to a new survey.’s newly released 2022 Porch Pirates Report also found that 64% of survey takers said that all or most of their 2022 holiday shopping will be done via online delivery, compared to 40% from last year. 

What’s more, 43% of survey takers said they will start their holiday shopping earlier than ever — which, for many of those millions of shoppers, will translate to holiday package theft also beginning early. While the devices many not prevent porch theft, video doorbell cameras can at least help to investigate who swiped the package, according to the survey report.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices are up across the board about 8.2% compared with a year ago. Higher prices mean that swiped packages come with that much more sting,” said Michael Giusti, analyst at and author of the report. “Sustainability was another trend that showed up in the survey. Younger respondents tended to be more likely to say sustainability is going to be a driving factor, with 60% of people between 18 and 29 saying it was an influence, with just 45% of people 65 and older saying the same thing.” 

Porch piracy is an issue felt across the country but seems to be slightly more concentrated in the northeast, with 32% of respondents living in the northeast reporting having a package stolen, compared to just 23% in the west.

Among the study’s additional findings: 

  • INFLATION: 21% say that, this year, they are spending more than ever on holiday shopping.
  • SUSTAINABLE BRANDS: 51% say that, this year, for holiday shopping, they are more likely to buy from a sustainable brand.
  • INFLUENCER MARKETING: 23% say that this year, for their holiday shopping, they are buying at least one item they saw marketed by an influencer. 

“One thing most security experts agree with is that the less time a package sits unattended on a porch, the less likely it is to be pirated,” said Giusti. “One way to limit that porch time is to sign up with the shipping companies’ tracking apps. Many of them will notify shoppers as the shipment is just a few doors down. And once the doorbell rings and the package is left on the porch, experts say to go grab it and not let the boxes pile up or the mail to overflow from the mailbox.” 

The full 2022 Porch Pirates Report — which provides analysis, protections tips and more — is available here.