Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District (CFBISD) provides schooling for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade in the suburbs of Dallas. With more than 25,000 students, the school district comprises 24 elementary schools, six middle schools, five high schools and three specialty program centers. 

Several years ago, the CFBISD team decided it was time to re-assess and enhance safety measures. The school district had video surveillance, access control, intrusion and other security systems in place. However, these technologies were managed separately, and integration between them wasn’t possible. Having multiple disparate security systems slowed investigations and limited visibility of what was happening across the district. Device failures and limited security coverage in certain schools also left gaps in security that needed to be addressed.

Using Genetec Security Center for video surveillance and access control combined with Bosch Security Systems for intrusion detection, CFBISD was able to enhance their security. The Genetec and Bosch solutions allowed them to manage and maintain all systems from a single intuitive platform.

“Working with Bosch and Genetec has been great. These are two physical security industry leaders who are quick to lend support when we need it. Can I say their support makes my job easier? Absolutely,” said Daniel Robertson, senior security systems engineer at CFBISD.

When an alarm is triggered, key security staff are automatically notified. No matter if it’s after-hours or during a school day, lead staff always stay informed on what’s going on across the district.

The CFBISD team has set up cardholder groups and assigned certain groups intrusion PINS for arming and disarming zones. Groups such as principals, facilities, and maintenance staff have different PINS.

Today, the Genetec-Bosch solution has been deployed across 42 sites within CFBISD. This includes most schools, administrative buildings, sports stadiums, transportation depots, service centers, and other facilities. Across all locations, the team is using Security Center to manage nearly 2000 cameras, 50 door readers, and 600 Bosch intrusion sensors with Bosch G series intrusion panels. They also have video intercom setup at main entrances. 

Using Security Center, school receptionists monitor intercom video and manage visitors by remotely confirming their identity and granting them access to the school if needed. Likewise, the district’s central monitoring team uses Security Center to manage and respond to all door and intrusion alarms 24/7. They have also automated reporting to track any recurring issues such as doors that are kept open too long or wrong pins entered at intrusion panels.

“The Genetec-Bosch intrusion and video integration is a very strong security tool,” Robertson said. “Since all our intrusion points are populated on a map within Security Center, I can see where an intrusion alarm is located. Then I can click on the map to view the associated video and see what's going on immediately.”