Alula’s hybrid alarm panel, Connect-XiP, brings together the worlds of wireless and wired security. The panel boasts a programmable power distribution model, multi-battery support, native dual-path communications, dual wireless sensor protocol reception and a host of other features. The panel also features up to 250 wired/wireless zones, built-in dual SIM cellular, up to 1,000 users, eight partitions and support for up to eight Wi-Fi or bus connected 7-in. low profile touchpads with an onboard wired zone input. Two models of the Connect-XiP are among the options. As with other Connect products, BAT-Connect and Connect+, it will also work with the Aula Security app and the Alula video platform. Connect-XiP will be certified to UL & ULC 1023, 985 and 2610 standards.

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