Boon Edam Inc., manufacturer of secured entry solutions, and Boon Edam Manufacturing, the former manufacturing division of Boon Edam Inc., are now one organization following an internal merger that sees Patrick Nora named president and managing director of the newly unified Boon Edam Inc. According to the announcement, this strategic combination enables the company to offer improved operational efficiencies, streamlined communications and increased market presence, solidifying its position as a global leader in the industry.

"It is the continued strength, resources, and commitment to innovation of Boon Edam that positions us for accelerated growth as we remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge security entrance solutions and exceptional customer experiences,” said Frank MacKenzie, chief commercial officer, Royal Boon Edam. “We are thrilled to welcome Patrick Nora as the new President and Managing Director where his proven track record and leadership skills will undoubtedly carry Boon Edam Inc. into the future.”

Under the new merger, Boon Edam Inc. leverages the combined expertise, resources and innovative technologies of its predecessor factions. Customers and partners can expect a seamless transition, benefiting from improved efficiency and performance across the enterprise. The merger positions Boon Edam Inc. for continued success in an evolving security landscape.

Nora is the former director of Boon Edam Manufacturing. He first joined Boon Edam in 2018 as the operations manager where he focused on improving safety, quality and productivity results through lean manufacturing systems and continuous improvement efforts. Prior to joining Boon Edam, he has enjoyed a long career in manufacturing organizations, including Loranger Manufacturing Corp. and Boeing, where he gained extensive experience in quality assurance, production management and multi-site product modification management. Nora also brings over a decade of experience as a managerial consultant, helping businesses from a broad spectrum of industries succeed in competitive industry performance, facility construction, commissioning, start-up, international expansion and mergers. Nora succeeds Valerie Currin.

“I am honored to lead Boon Edam Inc. as we embark on this exciting new journey together,” said Nora. “I look forward to further developing the organization to better serve the needs of our customers and stakeholders.”

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