GE Security’s Simon 3 GSM Cellular Module adds cellular communication capability to the residential Simon security system and fits within the existing Simon 3 housing. A joint offering from GE Security and, the cellular module can be used as a backup if telephone service is not available, or as a primary reporting device over digital cellular networks. Because the Simon cellular module is wireless, it is not vulnerable to phone line or Internet connection failures. The keypad provides simple diagnostics on the panel, making module troubleshooting easy. Sensor names, groups, panel options and more can be configured, both remotely and wirelessly. Simon 3 offers up to 24 zones of burglary and fire protection and complies with SIA CP-01 false alarms standards. Simon 3 features a built-in touchpad and status speaker that provides voice messages for feedback. The module reports to the central station using either SIA or Contact ID formats depending on dealer choice.GE Security

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